Sami Chatzioglou

CEO Europe

Sami Chatzioglou picture

In 1987, Sami set down his vision for marine services that has taken Selsi Marine Services from a niche marine services company, into a thriving group of companies with operations in two continents.

Under his driven lead, the company has rapidly expanded into establishing partnerships with shipyards and industrial facilities in the Mediterranean and Northern European countries.

He studied Educational Management and has a 30 year expertise in the maritime industry.

Yannis Kontaxopoulos

CEO Oman and Middle East

Yannis Kontaxopoulos picture

Yannis is the founder and CEO of the (Selmar) Select Marine Services LLC in Oman and responsible for the group’s operations and execution of Business Development in the Middle East. He is contributing an international background in Europe and Overseas, comprising of senior roles in companies servicing the maritime and aviation industry. He holds a BSc in Aeronautical Engineering and MSc in Naval Architecture.